Joanna Angel Comedy Skit on

LOS ANGELES — Joanna Angel,  Nicki Hunter, Tommy Pistol and Diego the dog all star in “Space Camp,” a comedy skit currently up for judgment on

Written and uploaded by Angel, the four-minute bit stars Hunter and Pistol as a wacky married couple whose misunderstanding with a street hooker leads to some ruff, ruff sex.

The sketch, which reunites Angel and Pistol with their “Re-Penetrator” director Doug Sakmann, costars Jimi Homeless, artist Tiffany Silver Braun and actors Trent Haaga (“Slices”) and Caleb Emerson (“Poultrygeist; Night of the Chicken Dead”).

Eighty percent of the votes for “Space Camp” must be “funny” when it reaches a thousand views or it will be regulated to the site’s dreaded “crypt” section. As of this writing, Angel’s skit had garnered over 700 views and received 67 “funny” votes.