'Buttman’s Stretch Class 10’ Premieres on EvilAngel.com

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Evil Angel has announced the web-exclusive movie premiere of “Buttman’s Stretch Class 10.”

The movie is available for streaming broadcast on EvilAngel.com starting “Leap Day” today, as a pre-release available exclusively for the studio’s membership site customers, in advance of the DVD, VOD and download street date of March 7.

John “Buttman” Stagliano isn’t merely a porn pioneer — he’s an amateur sex therapist of the first order, providing guidance in posing, masturbatory techniques and the use of toys and technology to gorgeous, young students Roxy Raye, Alison Tyler and Mariah Mars, all of whom stretch their orifices and erotic boundaries.

The originator of gonzo smut returns to such lessons with “Buttman’s Stretch Class 10,” a full-length exploration of John’s most cherished sexual fetishes wrapped in intensely tantalizing POV footage of sheer, unbridled girl worship. These three epic scenes are leisurely and improvised, drawing in the viewer with Buttman’s trademark informality and naturalistic vibe.

Commented Stagliano, “‘Stretch Class’ is my excuse for getting girls into sexy poses that I can get off on, as quickly and as often as possible. Given that I love ass and asshole, there is an awful lot of that, with close-ups. As far as sophistication with toys and ass stuff, maybe I helped Alison and Mariah learn a few things, but Roxy Raye took me to school. Please don’t tell the administration. She might take my job.”

Evil Angel General Manager Christian Mann focused on the marketing. “The extended-length, web-only version of ‘Buttman’s Stretch Class 10’ is special not only because of the pre-release in advance of the DVD and VOD street date, but also because it’s Stagliano’s extended-length edit that won’t be offered anywhere other than EvilAngel.com and Buttman.com,” Mann said.

Magalie Rheault, director of product development for Famedollars, which manages Evil Angel’s membership sites, offered her view: “EvilAngel.com presenting exclusive releases is truly a big bonus for affiliates!" Rheault said. "They get to promote a site with unique content and have access to promotional tools that are available nowhere else!  When they market the exclusivity, they generate more sales since fans look for the newest release from Evil Angel ...  and the only place to find it is EvilAngel.com.”

See the trailer for John Stagliano’s “Buttman’s Stretch Class 10” at EvilAngel.com.