Amanda Seyfried Discusses 'Lovelace' Role

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Amanda Seyfried has wrapped production on “Lovelace,” a big-screen adaptation of Eric Danville’s biography “The Complete Linda Lovelace” from directors Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman.

The 26-year-old, who is coming off  Andrew Niccol’s sci-fi actioner “In Time,” spoke to the Orange County Register about playing the notorious “Deep Throat” star and the nudity required for the part.

Said Seyfried, “I still haven't had time to absorb it all. I play her from 21, when she was doing ‘Deep Throat,’ through her religious years in her 30s. It was such an incredible experience.”

While she makes no mention of garden hoses and/or canines, Seyfried does reveal that the film has a lot of sex scenes and nudity, but warns potential raincoaters that, “There is no full-frontal nudity. Nothing is shown down below, for personal reasons … I want to save something for my husband.”

“Lovelace” is currently in post-production. The film costars Peter Sarsgaard as Lovelace’s husband chuck Traynor, Sharon Stone as her mother Dorothy Boreman, Adam Brody as “Deep Throat” costar Harry Reems, James Franco as Hugh Hefner and Sarah Jessica Parker as feminist Gloria Steinem.