Lethal Hardcore Sues 630 in BitTorrent Piracy Cases

LOS ANGELES — The parent company of Lethal Hardcore targeted 630 alleged copyright infringers in two suits in the past week.

Lethal Hardcore's parent company, Celestial Inc., sued 378 John Does alleged to have poached and traded "Big Black Beef Stretches Little Pink Meat #7" through BitTorrent networks. That suit, as well as one targeting 252 for infringing on "Blumpkin Blowjobs," was filed at federal court in Florida.

But the company with the largest number of suits filed in the past seven days was Malibu Media LLC, which filed 16 suits targeting more than 350 Does in Colorado and Virginia.

In the previous seven-day period Malibu Media, which markets softcore videos, filed 11 additional suits against 150 unnamed Does for pirating content.

In the past two-week period and historically, Malibu Media has filed 27 porn BitTorrent piracy suits across the U.S.

Other companies suing alleged BitTorrent pirates in the past seven days include Elegant Angel, which had a pair of suits in Virginia and Colorado fingering 37 Does, and Hard Drive Productions, suing two individuals in single suits in Illinois.

Each of the suits ask federal judges to order ISPs to disclose user identities of Doe defendants and claim infringement damages of up to the statutory maximum of $150,000 per Doe.

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