Doc Johnson, James Deen Ink Deal

NORTH HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Doc Johnson and adult star James Deen have announced an ongoing partnership that will debut with an anatomically-exact casting of James Deen’s penis as the newest addition the Doc Johnson SuperStars collection.

According to the company, the industry can expect the big reveal of this new SuperStar lifelike dildo at the July ANME Show.

Deen’s boy-next-door looks mixed with his playful demeanor has not only catapulted him to the forefront of the adult industry, but have also garnered him mainstream attention — most recently in the form of an ABC Nightline Special that dubbed him the “sex symbol of the Facebook generation” and with best-selling author, Bret Easton Ellis (of American Psycho fame) meeting with Deen to discuss a mainstream movie part that Easton is writing specifically for Deen.

According to Doc Johnson, as the breaking news of James Deen’s signing with Doc Johnson spread yesterday through Twitter and Facebook, fans clamored in excitement; and all parties are expecting a strong debut for Deen’s DJ SuperStar cock.

Doc Johnson COO, Chad Braverman, said “We’ve wanted to sign James Deen for a while now; he is a great performer with a very enthusiastic fan base. James is accessible to his fans, very mainstream marketable, and has such an engaging personality – this partnership is a perfect fit for us. We plan on doing it justice by creating the best James Deen products possible.”

At the age of 25, James Deen has has appeared in almost 900 films and rhas eceived the Male Performer of the Year title at the XBIZ Awards. In addition to appearing in adult movies, he has an ardent following both on his blog and on Twitter, where he shares insight to his daily life, funny anecdotes and candid photos.

“I am extremely flattered to be working with Doc Johnson,” Deen said. “They have always provided the highest quality products for adult novelties and I am proud to be a part of that family. I am super excited that Doc Johnson will be molding my penis. I have always wanted to be able to throw my penis at people when I got mad at them and now I can. I guess you can masturbate with it too if you want to do that kind of thing. But seriously I am very flattered and I hope everyone can have lots of fun with my cock!”

Stay tuned for more news and sneaks peeks to be posted on the Doc Johnson Facebook Fan Page:

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