Fun Factory Offers Valentine's Day Recommendations

LOS ANGELES – With a range of products that includes everything from massage oils and kissable body paints to high-tech massagers manufactured in Germany, Fun Factory presents four couple-friendly products.

From the Love Yourself! collection of sexy bodycare products, Colore Moi kissable body paint can be applied on the skin with a finger or brush and removed by kissing or nibbling the masterpiece away.

“A classic example of a playful moment involves two people and something edible. Grab some strawberry, chocolate, or vanilla body paints and use each other as the canvas,” Fun Factory said. “Draw a heart, write, ‘I love you,’ or just doodle with a special someone. With no artificial flavor or additives, these are the tasty way to play.”

Fun Factory’s Multizone Massager, the YOOO won the 2011 Reddot Design Award.

“This massager’s playful appearance hides two powerful motors with multiple speeds and vibration patterns,” the company said. “It can be used as a neck and back massager and is perfect for exploring with one's partner this Valentine’s Day. Start with a deep back massage and see where things lead.”

Made with argan oil and vitamin E, Fun Factory's scented oils heighten the senses and pamper the skin. They can be used year round for baths or a deep massage. “There is nothing like a sensual aromatic massage to show one's love and appreciation.”

Smartballs are body-safe silicone coated balls that encase small weights and move on their own to exercise pelvic and vaginal muscles. Kegel exercises result in more control and a tighter feeling, and can prevent health issues, including incontinence and prolapse.

“As couples health receives more attention, expect to see more and more sensual items appearing next to boxes of chocolates and bottles of wine. Until then, look for body-safe beauties like these and share the love,” Fun Factory said.