Pink Visual Launches 2 New Couples-Friendly Series

Lyla Katz

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Pink Visual announced today the launch of two new series, "It’s Her Fantasy" and "Erotic Minds."

The company said the series are crafted for maximum appeal to the growing number of women and couples consuming adult entertainment.

“These new lines are part of a broader effort to expand and diversify our customer base outside of the gonzo and reality porn genres, where we have long enjoyed solid market penetration,” said Lea Busick, marketing director for Pink Visual.

“They are also a result of customer opinion-polling we have conducted recently, through which we received a lot of feedback from viewers who wanted to see more sensuality and more romance in the mix.”

While full websites for the two new video lines are in the works, Busick said that Pink Visual has added the content to and its mobile equivalent, where they can be promoted now through the TopBucks affiliate program, rather than making webmasters wait for the launch of the full new sites.

“PinkVisualPass and iPinkVisualPass are two of our top performing sites as it stands, and by promoting this new content through those sites, you get the benefit of the surfer seeing all our other lines, as well,” Busick said.

“After all, every straight couple includes a male viewer, and we all know that what men watch with their wives and girlfriends might be a bit ‘softer’ than what they will opt for when they are watching all alone.”

TopBucks webmasters can deep link to the new content lines by replacing the placeholder affiliate IDs in the following URLs:

Deep link for "It’s Her Fantasy" click here.

Deep link for "Erotic Minds" click here.