Ayona Launches With Gold-Plated Sex Toys Collection

CYBERSPACE — Andy, a U.K.-based online entrepreneur, is crossing over into the high-end pleasure products market with Ayona Toys for Life, a line of gold-plated, hand-made pleasure products.

According to the company, Ayona’s exclusive hand crafted, hand finished designs are each unique and no two toys are alike because they are not mass produced from a cast. Each toy is covered in 24-karat gold plating.

The toys come in satin-lined hinged gift boxes.

Andy told XBIZ that after starting in the online side of adult business in 1998, his career has taken him in several directions and in October he ventured into designing the Ayona line of products.

“The market for these is obviously going to be wealthy people who like a bit of luxury and I would love to get a few celebrities as clients, obviously with sex toys becoming more and more mainstream people are less embarrassed about buying them or being associated with them so it would be great to get a well known celebrity for the publicity,” he said. “Another market, especially for the 4play would be high class escorts who get their clients to buy them for them, and be used either by them or on them.”

The 4play design is a hollow dildo that doubles as a container.

“The 4play can take a condom inside or a sachet of lube so this is a nice touch,” Andy said. “If the man likes anal, the lube is right there.”

Upcoming releases include limited edition designs with Swarovski crystals.

“This will mean that those who like a bit of bling and want to own a toy that is not out there for all to own,” Andy said.

“I want my toys to be known for their quality but also their usefulness for the purpose they are made and that is as a sexual and sensual object to produce orgasms, which they do,” he added.

Currently, Ayona products are only available for sale online.