DancingBear Targets Alleged Infringers on FilePost.com

MIAMI — The parent company of DancingBear.com plans to subpoena a handful of ISPs so that it can identify alleged copyright infringers of its movies traded on file-hosting site FilePost.com.

DancingBear parent GHRK, which  also operates the Bang Bros enterprise, named 50 defendants in the file-sharing case as unnamed John Does.

According to a letter entered into court docket filings, GHRK attorneys alerted FilePost.com of the infringing content last week and, at post time, DancingBear content has been removed from nearly two dozen links of five titles broken up into multiple-part series.

GHRK, in its application to subpoena ISPs Namecheap, eNom and IP Transit, cited 17 U.S.C. § 512(h), a section of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998, which contains provisions that allow copyright owners to force ISPs to reveal identifying information about users who allegedly infringed the owner’s copyright.