Baci Reports Its Lashes Collection Is Gaining Momentum

MIAMI — Baci Lingerie USA reports that its Lashes Collection has gained momentum in recent months among retailers who are taking advantage of Baci’s free merchandising displays and marketing materials.

“We have several merchandising display options to choose from in order to meet the needs of different types of retailers,” said Alicia Sinclair, national sales director of Baci Lingerie USA.

“There is an incredible amount of table top posters and displays, all of which are complimentary, as long as the store stocks our Lashes Collection. It’s such an incredible line, we felt it deserved merchandising options and marketing materials that were just as incredible and gorgeous as the line is.”

Small, medium and large displays are available, which hold 18, 96 and 408 pieces to meet the needs of different retail environments. Baci Lingerie’s Lashes Collection was recently nominated for AVN and XBIZ Awards and according to Sinclair, the collection offers something for every customer in search of a glamorous false eyelash.

“Our Lashes Collection is the most complete and comprehensive collection of eye lashes available,” she said. “Anyone who is walking into your store looking for a fake eyelash, no matter what type or what era, they will find it here. We literally have something for everyone; styles you can’t imagine on your own and need to see in order to appreciate.”

Baci Lingerie USA will showcase its entire Lashes Collection at the XBIZ Retail Expo in Burbank, Calif., next week.

“Lashes Collection packaging is clean, simple, and beautiful,” said Erik Alexander, vice president of sales and marketing for Baci Lingerie USA. “It is exactly what you would expect from Baci.”

He said Baci offers 210 different styles divided into five sub-categories, each representing a different genre, from diamonds and glitter to feathers and natural looks.

“What is so great about Lashes is the price point,” Alexander said. “Retailers carrying the line and utilizing our merchandising tools have all reported success with the line.”

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