PussyCash Offers $238 ImLive Payouts

Lyla Katz

LOS ANGELES — PussyCash.com has started the New Year with $238 ImLive Payouts for web and mobile sign ups.

PussyCash said it wants to ensure their webmasters are en route to a happy New Year filled with profits.

“We begin the New Year strong,” said Yuval Kijel from PussyCash.com.

“This January, webmasters will get burning $238 ImLive payouts for every convert above and beyond their sign up goal. In addition, PussyCash will pay $100 for every sign-up sent leading up to and including their sign-up goal.”

The January $238 ImLive payout promotion is open to veteran and new webmasters.

Webmasters who have never promoted ImLive or are new to PussyCash, can sign up and start earning, the company said.

“PussyCash webmasters thrive more with each year because our team is dedicated to providing great products, programs, promo tools and service,” said Adam Scheuer, PussyCash affiliate manager.

“Webmasters can maximize their traffic by using our state-of-the-art ImLive and ImLive Mobile promo tools.”

PussyCash said it offers an expansive earning portfolio, proven brands on all platforms and various marketing tools.