Brittany Andrews Issues Impostor, Scam Warning

LOS ANGELES — Adult star and producer Brittany Andrews is claiming an impostor is posing as her and scamming adult industry girls into giving up financial information in return for “private” webcam shows.

Andrews said her lawyers are currently investigating the situation and are urging possible victims to contact her office immediately.

The star said her production company, Britco Pictures, is currently focusing on mainstream projects so it was a surprise for her to find out that someone is trying to book talent for explicit webcam shows under her name.

“The last hardcore adult project my company produced was right before I closed my L.A. studio a few years ago,” Andrews said. “So for someone to impersonate me and try to use my name and company staff as a front is preposterous and they will be caught.”

Andrews said she recently had an impostor on Facebook contacting friends and fans and leaving nasty messages.

“I believe the person who created the fake Facebook account has something to do with this. My lawyers are investigating to see if there is a connection,” Andrews said.

Anyone that has been contacted or has fallen victim to the scam is asked to contact Andrews at (213) 268-1070.