FSC Addresses Concerns About SOPA to Legislators

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — The Free Speech Coalition today said it supports aggressive action to stop online piracy and is in favor of some of the components contained in the proposed Stop Online Piracy Act.

But the FSC fell short of fully endorsing the piece of legislation.

"The FSC is concerned that some of the provisions contained in SOPA may lay the groundwork to abolish legitimate online businesses by oppressive governments wishing to suppress unpopular content, overzealous competitors wishing to squelch competition, and extremist organizations wishing to promote censorship,” the trade group's executive director, Diane Duke, said.

"The adult entertainment industry has been especially hard hit by content piracy, but also has suffered from governmental regulations that have had a chilling effect on adult businesses. On behalf of its members, FSC applauds legislation that would protect intellectual property rights."

Duke, who sent a letter to representatives expressing the FSC's position, said that the FSC encourages close examination of any legislative regulations that may prove burdensome for legitimate online businesses or violate the rights of Internet users.

FSC Letter to U.S. Representatives