Will Ryder to Donate Cash to Wounded Warrior Project

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Director Will Ryder and his company, sitcums.com, will donate $1 to the Wounded Warrior Project for every “Not M*A*S*H XXX” parody purchase made in the month of December.

Ryder’s gesture is being made to honor the U.S. troops beginning to return from Iraq and Afghanistan.

The donations include all wholesale DVD orders, all retail DVDs sales, all video-on-demand full movie purchases and new broadcast deals.

“This is a very simple thing to do and I wanted to help out our service men and women in any way I could. Distributors can participate just by placing an order in December, and fans can get involved just by purchasing it or asking their favorite store to order more copies if they are sold out,” Ryder said.

The genesis of the idea took place when Ryder noticed that XFANZ had put up two behind the scenes movie trailers of the film after its release and realized the movie had legs.

“It then hit me to use this opportunity to increase awareness and raise money to help our fallen soldiers. Thanks to XFANZ, the distributors and parody fans for making this happen.”

Customers that would like to help out are asked to purchase the movie in stores, online or via video-on-demand.

Stores and distributors are encouraged to order it in December from David Diamond at LFP Video at (818) 812-9519 or email ddiamond@lfp.com. 

“I want to thank all of our veterans and brave soldiers including those that are on their way home and those that are still stationed around the world for their sacrifice and the sacrifice of their families plus the many distributors that will be making a new order for "Not M*A*S*H XXX,” Ryder said.

Fans can also purchase the entire movie via video-on-demand at Hot Movies.

The movie's official trailer can be seen on YouTube.