SLS Specialty Adds Shunga Collection to Product Lineup

HOUSTON — Boutique product distributor SLS Specialty has brought on the full line of erotic cosmetics made by Canadian-based company Shunga.

Shunga’s product collection includes high end botanical and edible lotions, lubricants, and other intimate accessories for the body, mind and spirit.

SLS Specialty’s shipment and transport process has been modified in order to accommodate these kinds of fragile and temperature-sensitive products, and the company said it is proud to offer U.S. retailers the complete Shunga collection with matching best-seller display units and promotional tools.

“The quality and artistry Shunga puts into its formulations and packaging is far superior to others on the market and we wanted to bring the brand on as soon as we saw it,” SLS Specialty CEO Shane Nelson said.

“Shunga uses unique herbal and plant-based ingredients that offer its users unique sensual experiences that make them feel the oils, lotions and creams hat they’re using are truly special — because they are.”

Some of Shunga’s most popular products include the Edible Body Painting available in three aphrodisiac-inspired flavors — chocolate, vanilla and chocolate, and strawberries and champagne.

According to the company, the Male Genital Desensitizer spray also is a top seller, as well as Shunga’s series of massage oils made with certified organic refined vegetable oils.

SLS Specialty provides retailers with a series of displays for optimal merchandising. Also available for order are small, medium and large “romance kits,” which include the brand’s “Secret Garden” Female Orgasm Enhancing Cream and naturally flavored water-based lubricants, among other luxe body products.

For more information about these display and package options, as well as product details and images. email sales@slsspecialty.