Jimmy Flynt Plans Store Expansion Using Own Name

CINCINNATI — Despite losing the right to use the Hustler name, Jimmy Flynt is moving full speed ahead, planning to open several new stores using his own name.

BizJournals.com reported that the name of Jimmy Flynt’s Hustler Cincinnati store on Elm Street has been changed to Jimmy Flynt’s Erotic Boutique. Jimmy Flynt said he hopes the Flynt name will resonate with customers.

“I’m doing a good business here and I hope the business continues,” Jimmy Flynt said.

In fact, he said he is planning four new stores for 2012, including locations in Cleveland and Toledo, Ohio as well as in Detroit and Lansing, Mich. All will operate under the Jimmy Flynt name.

Though the trademark dispute has been resolved, Jimmy Flynt and Larry Flynt still have several ongoing lawsuits pending including a wrongful termination claim brought on by Jimmy Flynt.