Sportsheets Reports Success Overseas

HANNOVER, Germany — Sportsheets’ latest line Sex & Mischief has returned from a promising debut at the 2011 eroFame convention.

Jane Bowles, director of the U.K.-based company, Creative Conceptions, said that she was impressed at the attention the Sex & Mischief line garnered.

"Visitors to eroFame were instantly drawn to the new Sex and Mischief Collection by its stunning black and white imagery and striking packaging,” Bowles said. “Initially, people were attracted by the beautiful, high fashion inspired look of the brand, and after investigating the products, they became even more delighted when they heard the incredibly competitive price!”

Sportsheets' president, Tom Stewart attended the trade show and said that he was enthusiastic about the response.

"Creative Conceptions did an amazing job displaying and promoting the brand," he said, "Our product was well-represented at eroFame by both Creative Conceptions and Tonga. Each company said buyer response was excellent and they've taken lots of orders."
Stewart said he predicts this latest line will be a success across the Atlantic.

"The look of the packaging and the price is right on target for the European market,” he said. “I firmly believe Sex & Mischief is destined to become a major brand in Europe."
Sex & Mischief is available through distributors Creative Conceptions and Tonga.