Corbin Fisher Awarded $1.4 Million Judgment

Rhett Pardon

SAN DIEGO — Adult studio Corbin Fisher was awarded a $1.4 million default judgment today against Corey Debarros of Miami, Fla., who operated, a site that allegedly distributed stolen content.

Corbin Fisher, in its complaint, said that Debarros set up the site, which provided a link to a blog. That blog would provide links to file locker site, where the stolen content resided. When surfers signed up for a premium account, made money off the pirated material.

After's initial hosting account was shut down, the site used its Facebook account to direct followers to a new theft host, according to the complaint. Corbin Fisher said that it could identify at least 26 blogs that linked to

U.S. Judge Janis L. Sammartino ruled on the motion for default after Debarros failed to respond to the suit.

"We don't expect that he will ever have $1.4 million," Corbin Fisher General Counsel Marc Randazza said. "However, these judgments last for at least 20 years. We have been watching Mr. Debarros, and this case has not even slowed his piracy efforts down, let alone stopped them.  

"He stopped stealing from Corbin Fisher, but pretty much everyone else in the business is on his list," he said. "[W]e will make sure that we continue to pursue Mr. Debarros."