Adult Star Brittany Andrews Is Muse for New Multimedia Event

Bob Johnson

NEW YORK — Adult star Brittany Andrews will host a special one night only preview performance of a new multimedia event inspired by her life on Oct. 30 at Theater 80 in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

The dark comedy is being directed by Warhol protégé Penny Arcade who has teamed up with Andrews and writer/performer Raquel Almazan to preview an excerpt selection of the work in progress that “blends chic performance art along with sensual Butoh dance and stylish audio/visual multimedia.”

Fictional porn star Sensora (based on Andrews) joins Butoh dance with narrative text using the audience as the pornographer.

The plot unfolds as NASA chooses Sensora for the making of the film “Porning the Planet,” as she attempts to answer multiple personality disorder through the building of a porn persona. On her way to meet savior “Hugh Hiefner,” Sensora’s journey follows her from glam porn star to snuff assassinated president; to finally as a refugee in outer space, launching into the galaxy.

The producers — Howl Festival and La Lucha Arts Group — said Sensora’s metamorphosis challenges the notion of how porn has altered methods of communication.

All multimedia in the show reflect images download from the character’s mind including her provocative memories, her violent fantasies and her daily rituals.

"When first meeting Brittany in 2008, I had completed a first draft of the play," Almazan said. "I quickly realized that during our first meeting I was writing about Brittany before even meeting her. Brittany has been the central muse for this project, the political driving force behind the detailed development of all sides, angles and takes on what makes the porn industry operate financially, and on and individual emotional scale."

Almazan then brought Arcade on to direct. She said, “For the last three years we have worked closely together with Penny to create a piece that is not victim based, rather a multimedia production and possible screenplay that examines the audience (consumers), the producers of porn and the 'stars' themselves in an honest, brutal and enlightening journey.”

Andrews said, “The whole project has been super exciting and it’s been amazing to work with Raquel and Penny so intensely over the last year. I believe the script is revolutionary and makes some great political statements and it’s been a huge pleasure working with all these talented multimedia artists. There are so many aspects — animation, dance, sound/visuals — it will be such a mind-blowing experience for the audience.”

Future full-length performances will premiere in 2012.

For more information on the play preview email Howl Festival at or call (917) 749-9210.

Tickets can be purchased here.