Larry Flynt’s Attorney Calls Jimmy Flynt’s Suit ‘Frivolous’

CINCINNATI  — In response to the lawsuit filed last week by Jimmy Flynt against Larry Flynt, attorneys for Larry Flynt and Flynt Management Group say they are confident that they will prevail in the case.

“Jimmy’s baseless claims have already been rejected by two different judges, and we are confident that his latest desperate attempt to harass Mr. Flynt will be similarly dismissed,” attorneys Amanda Lenhart, Dinsmore & Shohl said in a statement.

They added that Larry Flynt has helped Jimmy for many years and Jimmy has always acknowledged that he was merely an at-will employee for Larry Flynt. 

“It is disappointing, though not surprising, that Jimmy has rewarded Mr. Flynt’s generosity with frivolous litigation,” the statement said.

“Mr. Flynt looks forward to fully and finally defeating Jimmy’s claims so that he can return his attention to more important efforts.” 

Jimmy Flynt filed the $20 million suit against Flynt Management Group claiming wrongful discharge from the company and that Larry Flynt cut him out of the business.

Jimmy Flynt also filed a second federal suit targeting his attorneys Paul Cambria Jr. and four others, claiming they allegedly facilitated his firing and failed to protect his business interests.

Jimmy Flynt’s attorney was unavailable to XBIZ for additional comment by post time.