MiKandi Partners With Reporo

SEATTLE — MiKandi announced a partnership between Mikandi App Market and the Reporo mobile advertising network today.

The company said the deal allows developers to better monetize adult-friendly apps.

“Our partnership with Reporo is our latest effort to help developers earn more for their hard work by providing them with another adult-friendly monetization method for their adult-friendly apps,” MiKandi President Jesse Adams said.

MiKandi said developers rely on three models of monetizing applications: pay per download, in-app purchases, and free, ad-supported applications. The new partnership rounds out the third component of monetization bringing an adult-focused ad network into the fold.

“Prior to MiKandi, developers of adult applications were shut out of all three models. In November of 2010, when MiKandi launched its virtual currency, dubbed MiKandi Gold, developers finally had the power to sell their adult apps for the first time. Shortly after, MiKandi released its in-app billing API, which allows developers to up-sell additional content within applications,” MiKandi said.

Developers can join the ad network by logging into developer.mikandi.com. After registering with the Reporo system from within the developer dashboard they can then download the Reporo ad serving SDK.

From here, developers can monitor earnings, impression volumes, CTRs and CPMs within the MiKandi developer dashboard.

MiKandi is offering developers 60 percent pay outs on all revenue generated by their applications.

"Reporo serves almost 7 billion ads per month for our web and app publishers and the number keeps on growing. Their revenues are increasing month on month,” said Ben Keirle, Reporo’s global publishing manager. “This partnership allows a mutually beneficial opportunity to deliver higher revenues for all."

MiKandi pointed out that unclear guidelines of acceptable adult apps for mainstream ad networks prompted the partnership.

“It became clear to us that we needed a solution for our developers that delivered relevant ads to their adult apps with transparent guidelines,” Adams explained. “We found that Reporo’s flexible system integration and innovative approach to delivering adult ads offers exactly what MiKandi and our developers need.”