ECN Awards Sportsheets’ S&M ‘Best New Packaging’

HIGHTSTOWN, N.J. — Sportsheets International received the Best New Packaging Award at East Coast News’ 27th Annual Warehouse Show.

The award was presented to Sportsheets Vice President Julie Stewart by Frank Koretsky, president of East Coast News.

The award acknowledged the creative and innovative new packaging for Sportsheets’ newest brand, Sex & Mischief.

“ECN customers apparently fell in love with the product/packaging, and the amount of orders placed at the show directly reflected their belief in the brand,” the company said in a press release.

By incorporating QR technology onto the Sex & Mischief packaging, the company appeals to technologically savvy consumers, the company said. The QR codes on the packaging direct patrons to unique product-specific webpages at

“ECN sales people are unanimously looking forward to this new brand of high end looking, low price point products,” the company said. “With all of the buzz the Sex&Mischief line has been generating lately, it seems inevitable that soon everyone will be on board with Sportsheets’ new definition of S&M.”