New Sensations to Unveil New Feature in Romance Series

John Sanford

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — New Sensations is preparing to release the next feature of its acclaimed Romance Series of movies entitled "Love is a Dangerous Game."

The cast of the new suspense thriller includes Natasha Nice, Richie, Kimberly Kane, Rocco Reed, Jack Lawrence, Kelly Klass, Alyssa Branch, and Xander Corvus.

Richie, who is the lead actor, remarked, “Love isn't always understood or condoned by those outside the reach of its spell. Sartre said ‘hell is other people,’ but heaven can be that one particular person who makes you feel free and who cherishes the weird stuff about you — the stuff that scares most people away.

"‘Love is a Dangerous Game’ is about the fear that comes with being in love with someone that doesn’t fit into a perfect package. Ultimately, that’s what makes it such an incredibly romantic story.”

In “Love is a Dangerous Game,” when children's writer, Paulina Connelly, decides to embark on a new career writing horror she has no idea how it will completely change her life. Needing guidance, she seeks advice from acclaimed horror novelist, Wes Mueller.

In their first phone conversation she feels an undeniable connection and agrees to meet with him. But, as their relationship progresses, information about his suspicious past comes to light causing her to fear for her own safety. Is Wes the man of her dreams?...or will Paulina be his next victim? Combining female and male perspectives, “Love is a Dangerous Game” features a script from Jacky St. James and is directed by Eddie Powell.

St. James said, “I wanted to write something that was unlike any other romantic film available in the adult market today. Something with a unique story that’s also stylistically different. But don’t be mistaken, ‘Love is a Dangerous Game’ might not follow the standard formula for romance, but it’s still a love story. It touches on the theme that people aren’t always who they appear to be — and how that can be the best or worst thing in the entire world.”

The film, which is the 13th in the Romance Series, will be available for purchase Oct. 13.

To watch the trailer, click here. To download the box art, click here.