Pink Visual Adds New PVLocker Cloud Feature

VAN NUYS, Calif. — Pink Visual announced today the addition of a new feature to its cloud-based content distribution platform

The company said its new user-upload function allows users to store videos they already own all in one private "locker" within the cloud. The new feature also transcodes video during the upload process, allowing cross-platform viewing on any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

"The idea is surprisingly simple: let users take videos they already own and store them alongside videos they purchased from the site, much in the same way that you can add music from a CD you own to your MP3 library," said Liam Colins, director of business development.

He added, "The big difference is that we do it all online, so there is no application or software to download, and no files to store on your hard drive; PVLocker is 100 percent cloud-based."

Colins noted that the centralized file storage isn't the only aspect of the digital music experience that consumers will recognize in PVLocker.

"Another great feature of MP3s is their amazing portability and convenience; you can listen to them anywhere, on just about every device," Colins said. "We want to do the same thing for adult videos. Add your video files to PVLocker once, and then watch them from any laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone."

The product also provides enhanced privacy for storing user content.

"The very concept of a cloud-based porn 'locker' is focused around privacy," Colins said. "This way the true porn collector, who may have hundreds of favorite videos and clips on their PC, can get those videos into one place with a more universal viewing format. Not only can they then watch them from anywhere with whatever device is at hand, but those files now have an online copy so users won't have their private videos cluttering up the family PC."

The company maintained that a major difference between PVLocker and many existing “cyber locker'” services is that users are not able to share the content they upload to PVLocker, a measure put in place by Pink Visual to mitigate piracy and copyright infringement concerns.

For more information on the product visit the website, or contact Colins at