Fleshlight Introduces New Web Series

AUSTIN, Texas — Fleshlight.com  has launched a new web series called TheFleshlife.com, which gives fans a glimpse at what goes on inside the Fleshlight offices.

The series  was created and produced by MishNoon productions. In episode one, Fleshlight research and development men Otto (played by Jimmy Gonzales) and Jeffrey (Joel Watts) have to figure out what makes a good sex toy, or risk feeling the wrath of their boss George (Bill Wise).

“Fleshlight fans have always wondered what it is like working at the Fleshlight office,” says Orlando Rios, social media director for Fleshlight.

“With this new web series we hope to give fans a humorous and a very exaggerated idea at what actually goes on here. We also hope to engage our customers socially with weekly discussions about the show.”  

New episodes will launch every Wednesday. Fleshlight will be offering a 20 percent off coupon on Fleshlight original as a thank you for watching the new web series.