Adult Source Media Launches New Couples Line

LOS ANGELES — Adult Source Media (ASM) is set to launch its new Intimate Encounters couples and romance line on Sept. 29 with the release of the debut film, "Book of Love."

The studio said each film presents a unique, romantic story that specifically digs into topics women find to be the most interesting parts of popular romance novels.

ASM president Wendy Crawford said, "Intimate Encounters was created to cater to the couples market with a very unique approach. When my husband and I began discussing a new path targeting the female demographic, we made a commitment to introduce a studio whose films would be directed and produced by a husband and wife team.”

She added, “We were both actively involved in the entire decision making progress of producing and directing Intimate Encounters. When people watch ‘Book of Love,’ they will witness the intricacies unveiled in a very realistic love story, while at the same time, seeing a beautifully choreographed display of eroticism that they will want to mimic in their own bedroom."

By using a 5D camera to shoot the film, the company said the movie provides the look and feel “of a Harlequin romance novel come to life. The film captures the essence of authentic relationship issues couples go through, with just enough imagination to make female viewers feel they are participants rather than witnesses to a great love story.”

The film’s plot centers around a bored homemaker who turns to paperback romances and finds herself lost in the sensual erotic stories that unfold around her.

ASM said it assembled several conferences and female focus groups to gather  feedback on what women find most important in an adult romance film, as well as what would encourage them to purchase and share the film with their significant other.

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