Baci Lingerie's South African Partner Plans Multiple Stores

MIAMI — Baci Lingerie announced that its South African brand owner plans to open at least 20 mono brand stores over the next five years.

“Baci Lingerie South Africa is a very large, successful, and professional retailer,” said Robert Rosen, COO of Baci Lingerie. “In fact they are the leading retailer in their industry, with over 50 successful retail stores of their own.

“Once Baci Lingerie South Africa was introduced to the mono brand store concept, they completely fell in love and were eager to move forward. Already Baci Lingerie is scouting for the best locations in South Africa to house their 20 plus Baci Lingerie mono brand stores.”

A representative from Baci Lingerie South Africa said they were already sold on the concept of the mono brand store.

 “But what really cemented the mono brand store for us was seeing first-hand the power and impact of Baci Lingerie at the 2010 Sexpo Exhibition in Johannesburg,” the representative said.

“[It] was a complete success, we had over 45,000 buying customers through the door … woman were going crazy over the stock. They could not believe the prices. Overall, the exposure to the brand was huge."

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