Asian Web Traffic Skyrockets for Tablets, Mobile, Study Says

SINGAPORE — Non-PC based web traffic is skyrocketing in Southeast Asia thanks to the growing popularity of Internet-enabled devices.

Market research firm Nielsen said many Internet users in Southeast Asia now access the Internet via a device other than their PC, such as mobiles and tablet devices.

The Nielsen figures revealed that while personal computers remained the primary means of getting online for Internet users (94 percent) in the region, a growing proportion are turning to alternative devices.

The findings also showed that 4 percent of respondents said their mobile phone was their primary means of accessing the Internet.

Nielsen said the use of portable devices as a means to access the Internet is expected to continue to grow in the future, with 61 percent of Internet users indicating they would access the Internet via a mobile phone within the next 12 months.

A third intended to access the Internet via other handheld multimedia devices such as tablet computers.

Nielsen said for those in the business of creating content for the Internet, such as media owners, understanding the types of devices and operating systems consumers are using to access websites is critical to ensuring their content is tailored appropriately.