Alana Evans, Misti Dawn's Gamer Site Generates Buzz

LOS ANGELES — Adult star Alana Evans told XBIZ Tuesday that her and fellow performer Misti Dawn’s new interactive, video gaming site amassed 1.4 million unique visitors during the past 24 hours in a phenomenal start.

The site is a platform for the performers to interact with their fans through Porn Star Gamer Girl parties, which allow users to play games with the stars. The first Gamer Girl session is scheduled for 4 p.m. PST today to celebrate the release of the “Gears of War 3” game.

Evans said that porn star Angelica Raven would join her and Dawn for the first show.

“It is literally insane,” said Evans, noting that every major gamer site has now covered the launch. “It started with last week posting a story and then over the weekend we started getting messages from people wanting to get interviews with us and wanting to do reviews on what we’re doing.

“Then yesterday did a story and in the last 24 hours, we got 1.4 million unique visitors to the site I am speechless, I am breathless and I am completely shocked and honored at the same time that we are really being accepted into the gaming community.”

Evans continued, “We play video games. We live this fun, crazy life and for us to put something together like this and watch it literally explode…it feels really amazing.”

The starlet said that between now and their next streaming event that plans are in motion to completely rebuild the site so they can do their own streaming and not have to use outside sources.

“Our plan is to keep the majority of the site PG-13 so we’re not alienating anyone based on age,” Evans said. “Our intention is not to flood the site with porn. It’s definitely who we are, but this site is about our love for video gaming, and clearly our fans want it.”

She said the site has already undergone some changes since it launched Thursday, including the addition of two game reviews and bios of the girls.

“We are also looking to reach out to totally legit, gamer girls who don’t do porn, just hardcore gamer chicks,” Evans explained. “This site is about real gamer girls. We are all about the girls that really do this.”

To join the girls in a gamer session on Xbox Live, their gamer tags are "meowmistidawn" and "superpinkninja."

Pictured: Alana Evans (left, photo by Chris Evans) and Misti Dawn.