Andy San Dimas Talks Mainstream Debut in 'Drive'

LOS ANGELES — Andy San Dimas, the reigning XBIZ Female Performer of the Year, appears along with Bobbi Starr in the new feature film “Drive” that hits movie theatres nationwide today.

Drive” stars Ryan Gosling as a Hollywood stunt performer who moonlights as a getaway driver and discovers that a contract has been put on him after a heist gone wrong. The R-rated drama was directed by Nicholas Winding-Refn.

San Dimas, who is in two scenes including one with Gosling, told XBIZ that she was surprised to get the part after going to the audition last year in Santa Monica and not receiving a call back for almost three months.

“I came into the reading with no script because it was not attached to my email,” San Dimas recalled, noting that her agent Mark Spiegler hooked her up with the audition. “A lot of people read for this part. I know that when I went and read for it the whole office was just like a revolving door of really well-known porn girls that I know coming in.”

When it was her turn to go upstairs and read, San Dimas said the casting director asked if she had the lines memorized.

“I didn’t know that I was supposed to. So they seemed kind of annoyed and they sent me downstairs with the script and we’re like, ‘OK, read it, take a little while and then come back upstairs when you’re ready and we’ll go through it,’” she said. “And when I was down there, there were so many people — big stars coming in and out. I could tell they all thought they had it nailed and I was sitting there thinking, ‘I’m never going to get this. I’m just wasting my time driving all the way to Santa Monica today. This isn’t going to happen.’”

San Dimas said that Refn later told her that after seeing the tape of her audition that “he could just tell that I could act anyway that he wanted me to, pretty much off the cuff.”

“And I think he said he just liked the way I looked or something. And I looked kind of like a trashy stripper, I don’t know,” she said laughing.

San Dimas said that Gosling and one of his co-stars, Ron Perlman, “were both so nice.”

“Ryan, especially,” she said. “He was not sleazy and he wasn’t looking down on me or talking down to me because of what I do. He was really curious. He was asking questions about people that direct porn. He was asking more like someone who is interested in the behind-the-scenes stuff.

“And he was just very friendly, very talkative and the director Nic was just really, really great. My part was so small I felt like, but he made me feel like my part was so important. These three lines made me feel like I was so important and he really, really took the time to sit down with me and talk to me.”

She said Refn actually canceled another extra and brought her back two days later just to be in a different scene.

“So that was really cool, I only got cast for one day and then I got to come back again,” San Dimas said.

“It’s kind of like porn it’s a lot of hurry up and wait. I was sitting in my trailer. They give you like a little cubicle in a trailer. It’s not like you get this whole fancy trailer, you get like a little stall. I was waiting in it all day to stand in a pizza shop [for the second scene]. That was interesting. I got paid a lot of money for it. [laughs]. I got paid very well to say three lines.”

San Dimas concluded, “It was cool to be in it. I’d like to do more mainstream stuff if it comes to me but I’m not like actively pursuing it.”

The starlet’s latest adult movie just hit the streets. She plays Adrian in X-Play/Adam & Eve’s “Rocky XXX.”