Blue Circus Rolls Out 'The Blair Witch Project Hardcore Parody'

LOS ANGELES — Dick Chibbles' Blue Circus Entertainment has announced the release of “The Blair Witch Project Hardcore Parody," through Pulse Distribution.

The movie, based on the 1999 mainstream horror film, stars Britney Amber in the lead role of Heather with additonal performances by Brandy Aniston, Nikki Daniels, Daisy Layne, Tommy Gunn and Jack Vegas.

“We filmed this production back in the Spring and ironically they’ve been showing the original on cable almost every day throughout the summer, go figure," Chibbles said.

The film follows a group of friends venturing into the woods to do a documentary until they get lost and realize that they are not alone. With the group terrified and alone everything goes awry as they are hunted down by an unseen force that haunts the woods of Maryland.

Amber remarked, “I had such a great time filming this, we’re all good friends that went out to have fun camping that resulting in making a great movie."

Aniston said she was genuinely scared when the sun went down, adding "being in the middle of the woods in a tent in the pitch black darkness is scary, my screams are very much real."

Blue Circus's most recent release was 2010's "SAW: A Hardcore Parody."

"The Blair Witch Project Hardcore Parody" will be in stores on Sept. 19.

To see the trailer, click here