Extase Debuts at Fascinations in Ariz., Colo.

HONG KONG — Luxury brand Extase is now available in Fascinations stores in Arizona and Colorado.  

The company said it believes in following the highest industry standards for certifications such as CE/FCC/ROHS.

Made free from phthalates, metals and toxic material, Extase said that the key to its brand is stellar design, innovation, technology and ergonomic and environmental friendly- safe products.

LUCOM ‘s CEO Richie Harris and his sales team are Extase’s official representatives in the North American region. Serving sales, storage, logistics, promotion and media related work on behalf of its headquarter in the Far East.

A local U.S. warehouse is in place in Atlanta and Lucom’s sales offices are in Miami.

The Extase collection is available from East Coast News, Honey’s Place, Entrenue and One Up innovations.

For information, email richie@myextase.com.