Zero Tolerance Launches Male Toy Line

LOS ANGELES — Zero Tolerance has launched a new line of male sex toys, extending its film studio brand to the fast growing novelty market.

The first Zero Tolerance Toys include: Jack-Aide, a masturbation lubricant; Crossbones, an innovative line of cock rings; Glory Holes, unique masturbator sleeves complete with POV DVDs; Oral Sex Candy, water-based flavored oral sex spray; and Cock Cologne, which is described as penis freshener spray.

The line also is rolling out Foaming Masturbator Cleaner, a cleanser and sanitizer for Glory Holes; Fuck Forever, a de-sensitizing spray; and Boob Lube, a lubricant designed for mammary intercourse.

Glory Holes will be the first item of the line to be released, hitting shelves in the next week.

“It’s about time for an ultra-masculine, male targeted toy line," said sales representative Lucy Vonne D’Olimpio. "Everyone was so excited about our new take on male masturbation that we spent most of the last month guarding our samples from the buyers who wanted to take them.”

The ZT Toys brand is an extension of the award-winning Zero Tolerance studios that prides itself on producing high-quality films in the adult world. The company said the toy line was designed and produced with the same level of quality, and intended solely for men who want to perform better. 

“We’re so confident that you will receive ultimate satisfaction from this line that we created the brand’s motto — 'Guaranteed To Get You Off Or We’ll Replace It,'" said Marcus West, marketing and sales director.

West added, “This brand is exciting to our ZT DVD consumer, primarily because it is innovative. There has been a void in the market for a product line such as ZT Toys that speaks directly to the ultra-masculine man who wants to basically ‘fuck better.'  All aspects of this line from the packaging to the promotion speak to this consumer.”

The brand has created an intricate plan to successfully launch the product line and capture the market in the upcoming quarter.

“This Fall we will aggressively go after the male market with a number of promotional strategies," West said. “I am confident that ZT Toys will be a well-known and reputable brand in the industry and follow in the footsteps of its sister brand, Zero Tolerance Studios.”