Euro Payment Group EPGBill Opens U.S. Office

MIAMI — The Euro Payment Group EPGBill, a fully certified payment service provider based in Frankfurt, Germany, is expanding its operations into the U.S., opening a new office in Miami.

EPGBill said it is looking to branch out its banking and adult relationships in both North and South America, as well as provide more access and service for its existing North American clients.

The company has hired Michael Sperber, a long-time payments industry professional, in order to help lead this expansion.

Starting in 2003 with proprietary gateway software and merchant banking relationships, EPG has grown steadily during the past eight years into an established, trusted provider in the adult arena. With its PCI certification and full listing as a Visa Payment Service Provider in 2008, EPG said it has matured into a respected international payments institution with an excellent track record and reputation. It has made inroads into many areas worldwide, both in banking, as well as with adult merchants.

Sperber began his career in the online payments industry in 1994, using manual, BBS-based payment systems, moving into third party processing, utilizing fully automated gateway systems in 1999. Since then he has partnered with several projects involving the cutting edge of online payments, from new credit-card transaction innovations to alternative payments in emerging markets.

His market experiences span many areas of e-commerce, and include a wide range of both banking as well as merchant relationships.

Both EPG and Sperber are excited about the new expansion.

“I have known EPG from the time that they began in this industry and have worked with them previously as an outside partner,” Sperber said. “They have always been straight-forward, honest, and reliable, with fantastic technology and an eye for innovation. I’ve enjoyed watching them build an excellent team of dedicated, detail-oriented people. I’m really looking forward to joining their team and helping them to operate an on-site operation for the western hemisphere.”

Christian Diegelmann, the CEO of EPG, said, “We are very excited to make this move into the Americas. We already have a strong presence there in the adult market, and opening this office allows us more access to the entire region, as well as providing our merchants and banking partners better service and availability from EPG. We have known Michael for many years and we picked him as someone that brings a huge amount of experience and contacts to the EPG team.”

The offices of Euro Payment Group America Inc. opened on Aug. 1. They can be contacted at 708.401.7708. They offer both direct MID’s as well as IPSP third-party accounts and alternative payments.