Naughty America Launches Satellite Tours

SAN DIEGO — Naughty America on Thursday announced the launch of Satellite tours for its top-converting, niche-branded sites to offer affiliates a better way to target niche audiences and surfers.

Responding to affiliate requests, Naughty America has released satellite tours that are individually branded to represent the site’s top-rated major brands such as My Friend’s Hot Mom, Naughty Office, and My First Sex Teacher, among others.

“These new satellite tours visually offer more options to consumers. Whereas previously these sites were all branded under Naughty America, now the individual branding attracts attention to the specific niche featured on that site,” said Scott M., affiliate manager of Naughty Revenue.

For years Naughty America has housed 30-plus successful niche brands such as My Friend’s Hot Mom for MILF lovers, Seduced By a Cougar for cougar fans, Naughty Bookworms featuring younger starlets, and more. Converting niche traffic to these individual brand sites is now further streamlined because affiliates can now send like-minded traffic straight to the content they are seeking without interference from any other material that might sidetrack the surfers’ original interest.

“At Naughty America, we’re focused on keeping things fresh and developing stimulating creative that visually conveys the very foundation of our brands; the fantasy,” CEO Eddie Arenas said. “Most affiliates will tell you that it is the niche of a specific fantasy that converts their traffic. By highlighting our proven top-selling fantasies, we aim to further facilitate the success of our affiliates.”

While Naughty America offers plenty of content designed to cater to a wide range of niche-specific fans, funneling niche-specific traffic directly to these top-converting sites is projected to increase conversions and sales for affiliates, the company said.

Though the Naughty America membership is still all-inclusive and includes unlimited access to all of their individual sites, “affiliates utilizing these new tools will attract those surfers that may have otherwise passed on a mega-site option,” explained Scott M.

“This differentiation of our satellite brands both repackages and highlights a quality and consistently updated product, by placing it on the shelf in a new way that’s hard to miss.”