Andy San Dimas Shows Range as Leading Lady

LOS ANGELES — Porn’s Parody Go-To Girl knows that different roles bring different challenges, but no matter how strange the request Andy San Dimas answers the call.

Need San Dimas to be drenched in fake blood for hours on end? She’s done it. Hoist and carry her co-star over her shoulder a dozen times? Check. Have sex while covered in yellow body paint? Sure. Fuck in a cage that’s hanging from the ceiling? No problem.

Those are just some of the tasks San Dimas completed during the first half of 2011 as she took on various lead and supporting parts in eight different adult spoofs.

“I got into porn to get fucked and make a lot of money,” San Dimas says. “I didn’t know I was going to have to be this stunt girl all the time.”

But the 2011 XBIZ Female Performer of the Year isn’t complaining. She’s having a blast with acting turns such as Marge Simpson in LFP’s “Simpsons: A XXX Parody,” Lois Layne in Vivid’s “Superman XXX” and Ms. White in Exquisite Films’ “Rezervoir Doggs.”

And she will be starring in even more high-profile parodies during the second half of the year. For starters she plays Adrian in X-Play’s “Rocky XXX” that will be released in September by Adam & Eve.

“I’m doing a lot of really exciting stuff right now,” says the versatile actress, who enjoyed a breakout year in 2010 with memorable performances in Hustler Video’s “This Ain’t Glee XXX” and X-Play/Digital Sin’s “Not Charlie’s Angels XXX,” among a handful of other parodies and dozens of gonzo releases.

“I’m doing a lot of stuff that requires a lot of time. Before I used to do 10 to 15 movies a month back when I was doing more gonzo and now I probably do like three or four — five maybe. I’ve been doing all features for the most part.”

Simply put, the 23-year-old native of Frederick, Md., has range. During one two-week stretch in May she worked for Bluebird Films, Bang Bros., Brazzers, Zero Tolerance, Smash Pictures, Paradox Pictures and Penthouse Video.

“Whatever anyone wants me to do, I’m their model for the day,” San Dimas says humbly. “I’ll be whatever they want.”

In “PRON: The XXX Parody” for Goodnight Media, San Dimas wore a blonde wig that was glued to her head, “and my sex scene didn’t happen until 5 a.m.”

“We were there so late and the makeup artist went home and forgot to leave me the glue remover,” she recalls. “And I had a scene at like 2 the next day and I was just so frantic to get out of there and I ripped the wig off. I ripped off a bunch of skin at my hairline and then I got glue stuck in my hair by my ear. And I had to shave the glue out because I had no choice. It looked weird for a couple weeks.”

In the “Simpsons” porn, San Dimas wore a giant blue wig and yellow body paint for the entire one-day shoot.

“That’s probably like the weirdest movie that I’ve been in,” she says. “And of every movie that I’ve done it’s the one that people in my hometown have recognized me the most from which blows my mind.”

San Dimas says she had to be re-painted numerous times because it kept coming off and getting into her mouth while she was blowing Anthony Rosano.

“And it tastes disgusting,” she explains. “I had yellow paint inside of me because my pussy was painted yellow. … And it took us forever to shoot the sex scene because I kept making everyone laugh. It got to the point where Rosano had to put his shirt over his face to not look at me so that he could stay hard and not laugh. It was nuts but it was a lot of fun though.”

San Dimas tells XBIZ that “Rezervoir Doggs” not only involved memorizing a challenging script, but also some stunt-work of sorts.

“I had to carry Chanel Preston over my shoulder like 15 times just for this one part,” San Dimas says. “And she’s way bigger than me — not that she’s a big girl, but I’m kind of smaller and [director Lizzy Borden] was like ‘I really want you to carry her!’”

San Dimas also reprised her role as Superman’s love interest Lois Layne in Axel Braun’s “Spiderman vs. Superman XXX” movie that will follow this month’s release of “Spider-man XXX” by Vivid.

“I have a really interesting sex scene in this movie. I have sex with Lex Luthor to save Superman. This is the second time I get fucked by a villain to save Superman — in a cage that is like hanging from a ceiling,” San Dimas says. “And I couldn’t get out of the cage. So it was really fun for me because I wasn’t really that mobile so it was interesting to see how we were going to do it. And it was my first time working with Eric Masterson. He’s just wonderful. He’s really professional and he’s really good at his job.”

San Dimas also played Priscilla Presley in Axel Braun’s “Elvis XXX” earlier this year for Vivid and joined the cast of Andre Madness’s grindhouse feature “Massacre at Pine Lake” for Adam & Eve.

“I got to see what it was like to make something like an '80s teen slasher movie,” San Dimas says. “It was just like that, but with sex. I got to play a bitch-slut, so that was fun.

“I get to do a lot of things, from Sabrina in ‘Not Charlie’s Angels,’ who was like a smart, goody-goody, to my bitch roles. Everything I get is so different.”

Indeed San Dimas continues to be on a remarkable run of movies that has only solidified her as one of adult’s elite performers. She also represented Vivid at AdultEx in Melbourne, Australia, in April and continued to feature dance in between movies. Overall, life is good for the former adult store clerk who was told she didn’t have the “look” to make it in porn.

“I don’t live lavishly. I don’t drive like a Bentley or anything. I did buy my car new. I pay for it on time every month. My apartment is nice, it’s not like I’m living in Beverly Hills. I live in the Valley, but I don’t have to worry about stuff and that’s good enough for me,” San Dimas says. “I’m not trying to be anything that I’m not. I always wanted to do porn and I always hoped if I put my mind to it I could do well and people could look past certain things.

“Because when I first got in, I had so many people tell me not to do it and that I didn’t look right for it, and really discouraging things. And I’m just really happy that somehow I managed to persevere through all of that and do really well. So I’m pleased with my life and I’m pleased with my career as of right now.”

Photo of Andy in 'Rocky XXX' courtesy of X-Play.