IFFOR Fills Policy Council Slots

Rhett Pardon

WASHINGTON — .XXX policymaking board IFFOR announced today five more members to its policy council.

Industry attorney Chad Belville was tapped, as well as Jerry Barnett, the U.K. Adult Industry Trade Association chairman; Florian Sitta, Beate Uhse's top counsel; Trieu Hoang, in-house legal counsel for AbbyWinters.com; and Andy Kayton, general counsel for WebPower Inc., which operates ClickCash.

Barnett and Sitta will represent Europe, while Hoang will represent Australia and Asia. Belville and Kayton are tapped to represent the U.S.

The council members join Fred Cate, Sharon Girling, Nadine Strossen and Bob Corn-Revere, who all have previously been tapped by IFFOR.

IFFOR's Policy Council is responsible for initiating a series of policies for responsible business practices and conduct within the .XXX online adult-entertainment community using IFFOR policies.

This includes making adult content less accessible to children online and protecting the privacy and security of consenting adult consumers of online adult-entertainment goods and services.

Joan Irvine, executive director IFFOR, said that IFFOR is designed to engage in various programs and activities, including promoting public awareness of programs to protect children online, enhancing labeling systems and contributing to various organizations that support Internet safety.

Stuart Lawley, CEO of ICM Registry and chairman of IFFOR, said he is pleased that the councilmembers are committing their expertise for .XXX.

"This is the first time that adult and non-adult representatives will work together to define multi-faceted policies to help protect children and consumers, and the adult entertainment industry,” he said.