Automated DJ for Gentlemen's Clubs Debuts

REDDITCH, England —  An automated DJ system for gentlemen’s clubs will debut at the 2011 Gentlemen’s Club Owners Expo in Las Vegas on Aug. 21.

CoverJock is a computer-controlled, turnkey DJ system that automates club DJ, announcer and music requirements.

According to CoverJock U.K. Ltd., the new offering provides professional DJ style music management, dancer stage calls, intros, outros and promotions through a remote controlled handheld touch screen computer.

The system also generates daily dancer working schedules, dances performed, number of private dances, duration and more.

The company said the system helps to maximize club profits by reducing or eliminating DJ costs whilst increasing revenue from special offers and promotions.

More than 50 U.K. clubs are currently using CoverJock since its launch six months ago, according to the developers who said club owners have reported a significant increase in revenue after installing the system.

The system requires club owners to pay a set up fee listed at $1,499 and a $499 monthly charge with no long term contracts.

Harvey, the owner of Angels Gentlemen’s clubs in the U.K. said, “Thank you for CoverJock... it’s awesome. Your product has saved us a huge fortune over all of my clubs. We will never go backwards.”

Stephen Bruce, owner of the French Pussy Cat Club in Soho, London added, "CoverJock goes beyond the capabilities of a live DJ.”

Organizers of the Gentlemen’s Club Owners Expo will replace the DJ, announcement and music for all of the event’s stage shows and parties with the CoverJock system, the company said.

As part of the global launch, the system’s developers are offering a money back guarantee if the system fails to immediately reduce a club’s costs, increase its revenues, eliminate hassle for the managers/owners and improve the customer experience when installed and used properly.

For more information on the system visit the website.