Indiana City Ranked America's Kinkiest

SAN FRANCISCO — It’s not New York, Los Angeles and not even Sin City itself — Las Vegas that’s been ranked America’s kinkiest city, but Roselawn, Indiana.

Home of the legendary nudist Ponderoa Sun Club and its annual Nudes-A-Poppin’ pageant hosted by Ron Jeremy, Roselawn took top prize on AlterNet’s 10 Kinkiest Cities list.

It wasn’t exactly clear how AlterNet decided that Roselawn was “kinkiest,” posting  that the list was in no particular order, but it did list Roselawn in first place.

The report said it’s not just the city’s strippers and porn stars who draw thousands to the event each year, but attributed Roselawn’s general debauchery that includes erotic dancing, public sex and plenty of exhibitionism to its top ranking.

Roselawn is located about 50 miles south of Chicago, on 88 acres of rural woodlands and does have a solid history for being skin central for fans of professional and amateur adult entertainers.

Coming in at No. 2 was New Orleans, primarily for its bacchanalian Mardi Gras festival and Gay Mardi Gras festival that draws crowds upward of 300,000 from all over the U.S., replete with “Big Dick” contests.

Las Vegas, for obvious (nearby brothels, shows) and not so obvious (S&M and swinger’s clubs) reasons, came in at No. 3 followed by logging town Hurley, Wisconsin that AlterNet said has one strip club for every 238 residents.

Rounding out the top five was Atlanta boasting a penchant for gay sex (according to CraigsList ads) and top-notch S&M and swingers clubs.

The remaining cities include New York, NY, Austin, Texas, Southern New Mexico, Southern West Virginia (listed as kinky regions), Chicago and San Francisco.