Got Web Host Offers Redundant Cloud Hosting

VALPARAISO, Ind. — Got Web Host has announced the implementation of its new redundant cloud server infrastructure.

The new network will allow Got Web Host to provided cloud hosting in both dedicated and shared hosting environments.

The company said the new redundant infrastructure provides increased speed and system reliability since there are no single points of failure. The servers' resources are constantly analyzed and adjusted to compute workloads, which ensures the cloud server is not overloaded.

If the host hardware suffers a server interruption, the cloud server is migrated to new hardware to guarantee minimal downtime.

"Got Web Host has consistently been at the forefront when it comes to changes in web hosting technologies,” said Tanya Martin, director of Internet marketing.

“We have been discussing the implementation of cloud hosting for some time. I am delighted to say that we feel confident that our cloud server infrastructure will provide the reliability to which our customers, past and present, have grown accustomed."

In addition to the dedicated and virtual cloud hosting plans, standard dedicated hosting continues to be available.

"We are excited to get this new project off the ground,” Director of Business Development Lloyd Brown said.

“I feel that the inclusion of shared servers on our cloud network not only provides a great entry level cost for those on a budget but also allows those customers to experience the speed and reliability of our fully redundant cloud network that might not otherwise be available elsewhere."