Windows XP Slips Below 50% of Market Share

LOS ANGELES — For the first time, Windows XP operating system has fallen below 50 percent of the entire Windows global market share.

However, Windows is still the leader in the OS market with 87.6 percent of the entire market. Mac OS has the second spot with 5.6 percent of the OS market and Linux has .98 percent, according to TechSpot.

The 87.6 percent market share includes three different versions of the Windows OS including Windows 7,  Windows Vista and Windows XP. As of July, the share for XP was 49.9 percent, the share for Windows Vista was 9.2 percent and Windows 7 had almost 28 percent of the share.

Windows XP is holding so much of the market because of the weak Vista adoption. Microsoft plans to continue to offer extended support for XP through 2014.

Last year, 74 percent of the business computers in use were running on Windows XP.