Kayden Kross Hosts Weekly Comedic Series on Triggla TV

LOS ANGELES — Kayden Kross shows her comedic side in her new weekly series on Triggla.tv called "Kayden's Review."

The show can be viewed live at 5 p.m. every Monday. The Digital Playground exclusive has teamed up with comedian Dane Hanson of The Disillusionists and the sketch comedy show “Sitcoms Blow” to entertain the masses with their tongue-in-cheek reviews of mainstream and adult movies.

Kross remarked, “I tried out several different co-hosts and when I met Dane, it just fit. We play off of each other naturally and have a great time with what we do. And it shows!"

When asked about working with Kross, Hanson said, “My mom already hated my comedy anyway, so fuck it."

To view "Kayden’s Review," click here