Playboy Launches 'Commission' to Help Search iPlayboy

NEW YORK — Playboy Enterprises has launched the Playboy Commission, a panel of international icons and cultural thought-leaders editorially appointed to help users read, search and explore every issue of Playboy magazine on its iPlayboy browser-based subscription service.

Hailing from art, design, film, photography, fashion, and music, charter members of the Playboy Commission include: society jeweler Waris Ahluwalia, hotelier Andre Balazs, Vena Cava designers Sophie Buhai and Lisa Mayock, author Simon Doonan, British menswear designer Patrick Grant (Norton & Sons), director David Gordon Green, fine art and design dealer Oscar Humphries, artist Ryan McGinness, Duran Duran's Nick Rhodes, filmmaker Aaron Rose, fashion designer Jeremy Scott, Agent Provocateur's Sarah Shotton, creative directors Andy Spade and Anthony Sperduti (Partners & Spade) and editor Olivier Zahm (Purple).

Each month, new members of the Playboy Commission will submit content suggestions from the Playboy archives since its beginning in 1953.

The company said whether it be a seminal essay from Jack Kerouac (The Origins of the Beat Generation, June 1959), a quirky photo spread of "Femlin" figurines that come to life (May 1963), a literary fable by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (November 1971) or a forgotten interview with Steve Jobs (September 1987), the magazine's content is a staple of inspiration to Playboy Commission members.

"In an era of suspended adolescence, Playboy represents a more mature alternative to today's hipster titles," said Playboy's chief content officer Jimmy Jellinek. "Playboy is still the only men's magazine publishing both erotica and intellect; its iconic covers, centerfolds, advertisements and articles remain timeless and relevant, their influence unrivaled."

To honor the launch of the Playboy Commission, New York novelty shop Partners & Spade will hold a two week exhibition from July 15-31 of prints and memorabilia selected by Commission members from the Playboy archive.

For additional information on the Playboy Commission click here.