ANME Show Wraps

BURBANK, Calif. — The summer edition of the ANME Show came to a close today with exhibitors and buyers talking shop and making deals through the event’s final hours.

“This was probably one of the most happening shows,” pjur Group USA CEO Richie Harris said. “There was an energy level that I haven’t seen in the industry in a long time.”

Harris added that while the economy may not be ideal overall, during the ANME Show, attendees generally expressed satisfaction with their profits.

“The show was very well attended both internationally and domestically,”Harris said.

Extase, a new line of luxury vibes launched in partnership with pjur, was showcased alongside its partner.

“Extase was very well received at the show,” Extase’s Jon Lin said. “There were retailers from Australia, Russia, Canada and parts of Europe. I got to learn a lot more about the local market too and their reaction to the line is really helpful with future development.”

Kama Sutra exhibited its new products of the year, all of which were added based on customer feedback, said Robert La Joie, U.S. senior director of sales. Among the company’s new releases were massage candles, shaving cream and massage oils, all made from natural ingredients.

“I’m delighted to be at the show,” Kama Sutra founder Joe Bolstad said. “It’s great meeting with old friends and introduce our newest products. We hope to have gained respect for our high standards. Kama Sutra sets the bar high.”

Paradise Marketing exhibited the new Midnight Collection of massagers from Trojan, which will enjoy mass market advertising but will only market in adult retail, Dennis Paradise said.

“I’m very pleased with the number of attendees, but as always, I’m impressed by the quality of traffic,” Paradise said. “I sense a very upbeat and enthusiastic attitude on the part of the industry. It was great to see friends and their positive reaction to the new Midnight Collection. I couldn’t be leaving here with more enthusiasm.”

The Screaming O showcased its marketing power with a video montage on display featuring the company’s nationwide promos. According to The Screaming O partner Keith Caggiano, by bringing its Scream Team, giveaways and fun, the company helps retailers come out of the shadows and into the community as a safe sex promoter.

“We’re taking adult into mainstream,” Caggiano said. “We want to help store owners gain awareness by combining media spending, we can cross promote throughout its community.

“The show was a great opportunity to see our customers and to spend time with them,” Caggiano said, “It’s important to remind retailers what our message is."

LELO unveiled Pico Bong, a mid-level priced range of luxury toys. Each item is packaged with dice, with each surface featuring an illustration of a different Pico Bong toy as a motivator to collect others in the range.

According to LELO’s Candice Graves, ANME attendees were mostly intrigued by the new remote controlled toys added to the Insignia line. All of the Insignia remote-controlled devices can be activated with a single control that can be operated by motion – a turn of the round controller turns up the remote toys’ speed; shaking the controller increasing intensity.

“Reaction to the wireless toys has been awesome,” Graves said, “People can’t wait until it’s in the stores. Everyone’s really excited by the technology.”

Topco Sales also incorporated technology into its museum-themed “Voyeur” display. The company pushed its QR code technology to visitors inside the booth, such as the box for Jayden James’ Cyberskin masturbator that features a QR code on the front of the box that leads to a socially acceptable video message from the starlet, and a second more x-rated message delivered by a QR code inside of the box.

Erica Heathman, who was just announced as the company’s new marketing exec, said Topco isn’t only incorporating QR coding into its packaging — Topco’s booth also showcased a Jayden James standee that the company is offering retailers, featuring a QR code over the star’s mouth that can display a video message customizable to each retailer.

“This was the biggest, best show,” agreed Nasstoys’ Elliot Schwartz and Ted Rothstein, who are among the ANME Show founders.