Copyright Defenders Seeks to Fight Against Adult Piracy

LAS VEGAS — A company called Copyright Defenders has jumped into the adult online piracy fight seeking to use its experience and technical knowledge to track down copyright infringers.

A number of adult companies including West Coast Productions, Justin Slayer International, Harmony Films, Immoral Productions, Combat Zone, Pacific Sun and others have signed up with the company.

With offices in Germany and the U.S., Copyright Defenders was split from its mainstream parent company to help the adult industry in its fight against pirates.

The company said it has four years of experience fighting piracy on behalf of its clients.

“We provide financial compensation for the harm caused by piracy,” said Ralf Pytlik of Copyright Defenders.

“We have developed our own software which we have been using successfully in front of court for several years. Unlike other available solutions on the market, our software has been designed to work up to computer-forensic standards and therefore supplies maximum data integrity.”
Pytlik said the software searches only for uploaders. He added the software

Pytlik said the software searches only for uploaders and is designed to target the person who uploaded the protected content.

“Using the software we have developed, the pirates can no longer get away with claims they did not participate in the uploading of content. We are talking about U.S. jobs here, and not just a few.”

In the past year, adult industry studios have filed numerous BitTorrent lawsuits naming thousands of John Does who illegally downloaded their content.

“I am fighting against piracy for the simple reason it is destroying the ability to make a decent movie with any chance of recouping my investments,” Powersville President Jim Lane said.

Some of these lawsuits are proceeding while others have been tossed by judges who say the defendants can’t be grouped together in a “swarm.”

“Piracy is the biggest enemy to the industry and I am glad to work with Copyright Defenders to protect us from this threat,” said Matt Ahsin of Pacific Sun Entertainment.

“I believe in the power of Peter Pan, as we all know Peter and his crew defeated the pirates much like the Copyright Defenders and I will defeat the pirates,” said Dan Leal of Immoral Productions.