Playboy Ships Magazine With 'Runaway Bride' Sticker

CHICAGO — Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, faced with his latest magazine featuring ex-bride-to-be Crystal Harris as “Mrs. Crystal Hefner” has slapped a “Runaway Bride In This Issue”  sticker on the cover.

According to reports, the July issue of Playboy magazine has already shipped with Hefner’s approval.

Last Tuesday, Harris, 24, called off the wedding to the 84 year-old publisher that was scheduled for this Saturday.

Despite reports of a nasty break-up, Harris said on the Ryan Seacrest radio show that there was no fight and that she and Hefner talked about her feelings in the matter.

She said she’s been feeling ill at ease over the nuptials for some time and wasn’t comfortable with Hefner’s lifestyle that includes multiple girlfriends.

After the Seacrest interview Hefner reportedly Tweeted, "Crystal did an interview with Ryan Seacrest this morning to explain everything, but I still don't have a clue."

However, he’s reportedly planning to have a movie party at the Mansion on Saturday night featuring the film, “Runaway Bride.”