Weiner May Have Violated 2257 Requirements, Piccionelli Says

CHICAGO -- Rep. Anthony Weiner and all media outlets that have broadcast his clothed and unclothed bottom half may have violated the federal record-keeping requirements of 18 U.S.C. §2257, adult entertainment industry attorney Greg Piccionelli told XBIZ on Saturday.

 “He is in violation of 2257 because of 18 U.S.C. § 2256 (1)(A)(v), which specifically says that the record-keeping requirements apply to the lascivious exhibition of genitals or pubic area,” Piccionelli said.

“In fact, not only is he in violation, but all broadcasters who have shown his [bottom half] as well as what was shown via a naked cellphone picture on the radio show in Florida.

“This applies to commercial and noncommercial use of its replay and all reproduction by all of the media outlets in this country.”

Piccionelli, an authority of record-keeping requirements for the adult entertainment industry, says Weiner’s conduct could be a boon to the porn industry’s drive to do away with the costly restrictions that cost millions to the biz.

“Maybe we can get Congress’ attention, and America’s attention, about these crazy requirements called 2257,” he said.

Weiner on Saturday said he will seek professional help in the wake of a still-raging scandal over his online sexual liaisons with at least six women.