Live Cams a Captivating Subject at XBIZ Summit

CHICAGO — Execs from the top three live cam sites spoke to a full house at the “Live Cams: Charming, Cunning and Captivating” seminar at the XBIZ Summit in Chicago Friday afternoon.

Yuval Kijel, PussyCash/ImLive’s vice president of sales and marketing; Vendzilla of Video Secrets; and Douglas Richter, AWEmpire’s senior authorized consultant, spoke about the great rewards of the live cam business, where customers put more heart on the line when they chat one-on-one with adult models and performers.

“The cam business is unique that users, if they are the average Joe who may have not had any luck meeting people in real life, try live cams because they find they won’t be rejected,” Richter said. “This is very powerful and they typically become addicted once they start.

“Live cams aren’t like Chat Roulette, where you are constantly facing rejection, and that doesn‘t work very well.

“And the reality is that some are not just looking about sex, we’re talking about what allows the experience of that model that can ultimately translate into sales.

“Live video is the new frontier; it’s not just about sex or porn,” Richter said.

Vendzilla agreed that it really isn’t all about sex when it comes to live cams, and that many just want that true relationship.

“We actually see a lot of that, we have one female model who has a customer who all she wants to do is play chess,” he said. “Sometimes they don’t want to have sex with them, and that customer pays $12 a minute for that.”

Live cams also apply to mobile, and all three execs said their companies are including that option.

“We have been doing mobile for the last six months, it is working amazingly it is growing very fast and conversions are very high, but it is tough to get traffic,” Kijel said.

“My projection is that after 2012, 30 percent of our revenue will be from mobile,” said Kijel, noting that smartphones only offer a limited range of vision and that customers go back and forth to the web once they consume mobile content.

“But the fact is that you need mobile for live cams because you want users to follow you and when they are ready to buy, they will.”

All of the panelists agreed about the importance of white labels, and how cost effective it is for webmasters.

“Don’t waste your money on trying to build what the three companies have already done,” Richter said. “Our business is live, and your business is what you are doing. Use white labels. It‘s going to cost you $7 million to build a Video Secrets, ImLive or AWEmpire.”

"Look at your tools and make sure they work for you," Vendzilla said.

“Give consumers a live iFrame, and make sure they are top performers so that you have high conversions,” he said.

Richter said, “At the end of the day, it's all about live, so give users what they want.

“If someone wants live, they want live right now so they are ready to chat. And choose what fits your traffic — they're the ones who give you the product that makes you successful.”