XBIZ Summit Seminar Discusses How to Exploit Content

Rhett Pardon

CHICAGO -- Experts spoke about how to exploit content in as many ways as possible at the “Content Sells: The Changing Face of Online Adult Content” at the XBIZ Summit on Friday.

Wasteland CEO Colin Rowntree, XBIZ’s Stephen Yagielowicz and Stan from Adult Centro were on hand to field questions by SugarDVDs’ Jax specifically on how companies make more money with what the content they’ve got and what they’ll shoot.

“You are not just shooting for a 20-minute movie of the week; keep in mind you’ll want to have shorter scenes,” Rowntree said. “Just chop it up in chunks -- while no one ever admits it, that’s what many do.”

Rowntree gave an example of a creative way to spark consumer interest.

“Save it as a fake DVD on your website. We make fake DVDs that look like they are DVDs,” he said. “The reason I wont create DVDs is that I don’t want to go jail [due to prosecutorial efforts for mailing obscene material].”

Rowntree also said that content format, as in resolution, is also key.

“Your best format is 1080p, don’t use tapes. They sometimes disintegrate,” he said. “But once you have your shoot, just put them on big sassy hard drives and go to it.”

Getting the content ready for iPads also is coming into play, said Rowntree, who was joined in that thought by AdultCentro’s Stan.

Stan said that his company, which leases its content, is all about “old school feeds with new school technology.”

“Our customers can pick and choose what formats they want,” he said. “HD also is on the rise because that is what customers want to see. Our customers are heading toward the mobile side too.”

Yagielowicz said that “preproduction planning is important because you don’t want to look back about what you didn’t have ready for a particular format or platform.”

“You shoot or [certain format] a certain way. You shoot different for mobile than you would a website.”

But whatever format or platform, Rowntree said that specific actions are king.

“You have to have some key moment, whether someone cums or their butt plug is blasted out of their ass.”