Hustler Video to Do Spanish Talk Show Parody

CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Hustler Video has announced plans to produce a Spanish language spoof of a popular talk show.

The movie is titled "Esto No Es El Gordo y La Flaca XXX," which translates to “This Is Not the Fat Guy and the Skinny Lady."

“There’s such a great selection of untapped talent amongst our Latin performers,” said Drew Rosenfeld, creative director for Hustler Video. “It’s truly time that we exploit their sexy, raw talent and bring a Spanish parody to DVDs and Blu-rays everywhere.”

Roman, from Dulce Meda, added, "If you’re Latino you know who El gordo y la flaca are, you just do. It's been on the air for so long and it’s always been so popular. It's got great name recognition! It's the perfect show for Hustler to parody and announce this new line with." 

"Esto No Es El Gordo y La Flaca XXX" will be released later this year.